The place? The X-1416 Ipana Interespacial Colony. Our protagonist? Zap, a hopelessly optimistic young ipa.


After a day of rampant reading and musical discoveries at the Heart Building, among the bizarre vinyl records filled with human music, Zap finds The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars by the chamaleonic David Bowie. The cover of the album prays “To be listened to the maximum volume” in its backcover and that same Zap does, being enchanted by the wonderful music of Bowie and the eternal and terrible story of Ziggy Stardust.


Zap does not have many friends in his School, nor between his neighbors in the Paranimphum. He is friendly and kind, although he gets too excited about the humans and the earthly, and few ipaunderstand that “lack of academic rigor”.Because humans are objects for study, not passion and vehemence. It is perhaps for that reason that he has not yet succeeded in having any Doctor to promote him to study at the Ipaterra Campus on planet Earth. He sometimes walks with Neulkölnia, a critical and observant student, who lives in the same Honeycomb as he, with whom he shares some of that unconditional love for humans.

For the second cykelian nights, Zap always has occasion to dine in the Colonial Dining room with Warszawa, a philosophical and curious ipa, with whom he loves to talk. With him he speaks excitedly of Ziggy, of the evils that undergoes Earth, that, suddenly, feels closer than never before. Pollution, hunger, wars, climate change! He explains hundreds of reasons to help humans, because the end of the Earth may not be in five years as the song says, but it is coming undone!

With the help of Warszawa, Zap will be admitted to the last shipment to Earth and will be able to study his Doctorate in Campus Ipaterra, which will take advantage of to achieve his true purposes.

Because Zap hopes that he will not end up losing the battle like his beloved Ziggy Stardust and will carry out his plan together with Neulkölnia and Warszawa while he knows the rest of the students of the University of Truth of Ipana, who analyze the terrestrial knowledge And imitate human behavior and live fun adventures.

Grab your hand and ZAP!